Katie was a delight to work with. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and the whole process was very professional from booking an appointment to the session, to receiving my final images. I also loved the detail that she put into the session. I’ve always wanted a photographer who cares about the out of place strand of hair or the way clothing looks to the overall photo and she did just that and then some. I was in awe of her know-how and she made it fun which made it very easy to smile and enjoy myself.

Cristina J.

Katie is a talented, courteous, and charming professional! Walking into this headshot session I was expecting a great representative and experience due to prior remarks made by colleagues. I was not disappointed. Despite not having professional headshots taken of me in the past, ever, and walking into the session with a little apprehension, Katie immediately welcomed me and made me feel at home. During the session, I felt open to discuss those attributes that make me feel self-conscious and insecure. She was eager to disagree with the conceptions I had of myself, and assured me I had absolutely nothing to feel uneasy about. Her delightful disposition coupled with her ability to eliminate my uncertainties, resulted in a wonderful experience, and amazing images, which we can both be proud of.

Scott P.